Ziros is a gorgeous plateau and it is about half an hour away from Xerokampos. The panoramic view of the surfaced road will definitely reward you. In Ziros there is the historical church of Santa Friday,(in the inner part there is a mural which shows the Santa) and the bones of the Skaliotes people are kept in a showcase. Skalia is a mountainous village which is 10 km away from Ziros. The 40 Skaliotes lived there in about 1700 B.C. They were the terror of the Turks due to their intractable and fighting spirit.




The area of Ziros, apart from important churches, is studded with caves which are connected to local legends and traditions. The gorge of Hametoulon, which leads to Xerokampos, is of extraordinary beauty. Hametoulon is 7 km away from Ziros on the road which leads to Xerokampos.
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Ziros is a picturesque, beautiful village, which is worth visiting all year round.