If you stay in Xerokampos for a few days, don’t omit to go up on “Farmakokefalo”. There you will see the ruins of an important town of the Hellenistic Period, the ancient “Ambelos”. It has a total surface of about twelve thousand square metres and is surrounded by a strong wall. The excavation investigations began from the NE part of the site where a row of rooms, houses and open-air spaces related to the protection of the wall, has been discovered so far.

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Pictures of old Greek Town and Fantastic Beaches of the Area.
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The findings are rich and important: jars, candles, statuettes, earthenware jars, utensils, jewellery, coins etc. Most of them are in Sitia Museum. Also, in a short distance from “Farmakokefalo”, a system of seaside saltpans, used by the inhabitants of the ancient city to export and perhaps to sell the salt, was located. You will see the small church of Saint Nikolas which was founded on the 28th of September 1895 , a year before the wealthy man from Ierapetra Emm. Liapakis was buried in the small temple like construction next to it. He died while he was travelling to Kasos to get away from the Turks. The small ports which are below “Farmakokefalo” will definitely be unforgettable to you.