• ThesmallportsofAmatosaredifferenttothoseinotherareasandhavefinepebbles. It is nice to go swimming there if it’s windy and the sea is as warm, clean and blue.
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  •  If you stay in Xerokampos for a few days, don’t omit to go up on “Farmakokefalo”. There you will see the ruins of an important town of the Hellenistic Period, the ancient “Ambelos”. Ithasatotalsurfaceofabouttwelve thousand square metres and is surrounded by a strong wall. The excavation investigations began from the NE part of the site where a row of rooms, houses and open-air spaces related to the protection of the wall, has been discovered so far.

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    Pictures of old Greek Town and Fantastic Beaches of the Area.
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    The findings are rich and important: jars, candles, statuettes, earthenware jars, utensils, jewellery, coins etc. Most of them are inSitiaMuseum. Also, in a short distance from “Farmakokefalo”, a system of seaside saltpans, used by the inhabitants of the ancient city to export and perhaps to sell the salt, was located. You will see the smallchurch ofSaint Nikolas which was founded onthe 28th of September 1895 , a year before the wealthy man from Ierapetra Emm. Liapakis was buried in the small temple like construction next to it. He died while he was travelling to Kasos to get away from the Turks. The small ports which are below “Farmakokefalo” will definitely be unforgettable to you.
  •  OntheBigBeachofMazda,ifyouarelucky,youwillseeaturtleonthesandasitiscomingoutofthesea. Admire it from the distance and leave it alone, as she’s looking for a place to lay its eggs.



  •  Villa Petrino - Xerokampos
    Villa Petrino Xerokampos
    Villa Petrinois a six-apartment complex situated in the same property withTaverna Kostas, in a beautiful garden surrounded by olive trees.
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    Villas-Studios are about 300 metres away from the beach ofXerokampos. 
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    The best place for your Holidays at East of Crete
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    Xerokampos “dry plain”( it got its name due to the fact that the area had been a dry place for many years.) However, now the plain of Xerokampos is a gorgeous and lush green area in the very eastern part of Crete. The settlement of Xerokampos is built among olive trees, in a magnificent natural landscape surrounded by fantastic organized or non-organized sandy beaches and crystal –clear sea.




    The area is also ideal for those who love the beach as well as those who love to explore the seabed. The seabed is a real marine paradise.



    Xerokampos is a popular destination for local and foreign tourists alike.It’s a very quiet place for relaxation, suitable for companies, couples and families. It is also a unique place for those who love hiking, since they can enjoy the magnificent routes in the mountains and at the same time they can see caves and gorges, especially the gorge of “Hametoulo”


    Anyone who likes walking should definitely go up to the top of one of the many nearby hills. Up there you will feel the magic of the view and you will forget about everything!

    Don’t forget that Xerokampos is the starting point for excursions to the sights of the whole Eastern Crete.

  •  Zakros can be reached in approx. a 15 mins. The road between Xerokampos and Zakros is new from asphalt and you can drive fast and comfortable with pleasure. The drive is partly planed, partly a crushed stone runway.




    In Zakros one can find water source which is a very nice place, museum of water, water mills, really beautiful small churces and the entrance of the famous ravine, the valley of the dead. Also you and find mini markets, several taverns, a good Pizzeria, Kafenions (cafιs), Caffeteria(Xiloporta) and gas stations.

    Στη Ζάκρο μπορείτε να βρείτε παραδοσιακά γλυκά από τον γυναικείο συνεταιρισμό του χωριού "Μελίων".


     Dont Forget to Visit Kato Zakros

  •  Ziros is a gorgeous plateau and it is about half an hour away from Xerokampos. The panoramic view of the surfaced road will definitely reward you. In Ziros there is the historical church of Santa Friday,(in the inner part there is a mural which shows the Santa) and the bones of the Skaliotes people are kept in a showcase. Skalia is a mountainous village which is 10 km away from Ziros. The 40 Skaliotes lived there in about 1700 B.C. They were the terror of the Turks due to their intractable and fighting spirit.




    The area of Ziros, apart from important churches, is studded with caves which are connected to local legends and traditions. The gorge of Hametoulon, which leads to Xerokampos, is of extraordinary beauty. Hametoulon is 7 km away from Ziros on the road which leads to Xerokampos.
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    Ziros is a picturesque, beautiful village, which is worth visiting all year round.