•  Ask to find out about the beach with clay. A part of the ground on this beach contains clay and if you wet a piece, it will turn into cream. With it you can do peeling on your body and face. If you leave it on you for some time and then go into the sea, the sensation you will feel will be wonderful.

    Beach_with_Argilo_1 Beach_with_Argilo_3


    Xerokampos “dry plain”( it got its name due to the fact that the area had been a dry place for many years.) However, now the plain of Xerokampos is a gorgeous and lush green area in the very eastern part of Crete. The settlement of Xerokampos is built among olive trees, in a magnificent natural landscape surrounded by fantastic organized or non-organized sandy beaches and crystal –clear sea.




    The area is also ideal for those who love the beach as well as those who love to explore the seabed. The seabed is a real marine paradise.



    Xerokampos is a popular destination for local and foreign tourists alike.It’s a very quiet place for relaxation, suitable for companies, couples and families. It is also a unique place for those who love hiking, since they can enjoy the magnificent routes in the mountains and at the same time they can see caves and gorges, especially the gorge of “Hametoulo”


    Anyone who likes walking should definitely go up to the top of one of the many nearby hills. Up there you will feel the magic of the view and you will forget about everything!

    Don’t forget that Xerokampos is the starting point for excursions to the sights of the whole Eastern Crete.