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Villa Petrino Garden

villa_petrino_garden_image Get One of our Studios and feel free to walk around in our Garden - See Photos

Full Equipment Studios

villa_petrino_inside_image Our Villa, Studio are very comfortable and you will found inside all the equipments you need.

Xerokampos Beaches

xerokampos_image Swim in very clean and cool water. Enjoy the beaches which you can found very close to our villas.

Take a Look

Villa_Petrino_Gallery_Photos_07 Villa_Petrino_Gallery_Photos_16 Villa_Petrino_Gallery_Photos_19 Villa_Petrino_Gallery_Photos_17 Villa_Petrino_Gallery_Photos_18 Villa_Petrino_Gallery_Photos_11 Villa_Petrino_Gallery_Photos_09 Villa_Petrino_Gallery_Photos_13 Villa_Petrino_Gallery_Photos_12 Villa_Petrino_Gallery_Photos_04

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